What? Where? How? (Top FAQs)

Welcome to Colorado! Brief answers to your top questions:

How do I get to Boulder from Denver International Airport?
Here are a few options: http://interaction11.ixda.org/boulderama.html

Where can I pick up my badge?
THURSDAY 8:00am – 6:00pm
FRIDAY  8:00am to 12:00noon
University Memorial Center (UMC)
1669 Euclid Avenue

The iPhone app shows events starting an hour later than the website — which is correct?
This website has the correct times. An older version of the iPhone app had a bug; a new, fixed version is available in the app store. Morning sessions start at 9:15am each day.

Where and when can I get the conference shuttle?
At our conference hotels, starting at 7:45am each morning. If you’re a guest of the Best Western, duck over to your neighbor, The Boulder Outlook.

The last buses leave around 9:30am each morning.

The Boulder Shuttle Tracker shows conference shuttle positions in real time: http://interaction.ixda.org/xmarks Look for student volunteers to help you.

What if I need a taxi from downtown? How else can I get around?
Boulder locals say taxis are elusive. Your best best is to hoof it to the St. Julien Hotel–900 Walnut Street–and source one there.

I have a car, where should I park?
The cheapest parking option for a full day is the St. Julien’s valet, $10. Other local parking is operated by the City of Boulder at a rate of $1.25/hr for the first 4 hours, $2.50/hr for all subsequent hours.

At UMC, there Euclid Avenue Autopark garage, east of the venue. $20, but convenient. Map

What’s the URL for… ?
IxD11 iPhone App
Shuttle tracker
Speaker and presentation feedback – http://spkr8.com/ixd11
Dash-bus Confessional Videos
IxDA Awards

Got other questions? Tweet with #ixdhelp for the quickest response, or email us: interaction@ixda.com

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